Life Research

Concept of "Social Economy"
In order to understand what the Social Cooperative Enterprises of Law 4430/2016 are, we must first refer to the concept of "Social Economy". "Social Economy" is the set of economic, business, productive and social activities, within a company or association of persons, the purpose of which is to pursue the collective benefit and to serve the general social interests.
What is LIFE RESEARCH Social Cooperative Enterprise (Koin.S.Ep)?
In simple words, LIFE RESEARCH Koin.S.Ep. is the partnership of a group of people, aiming at a profitable activity, but which serves the interests of society as a whole. The peculiarity of LIFE RESEARCH Koin.S.Ep. is the innovative form of this private enterprise, which was established relatively recently in Greece. It is a form of civic partnership, where investors with a vision join forces to create a jointly managed company. Everyone has a say in the project of the company, in which they want to participate. A partner in a CoinSep can be anyone: unemployed, businessman, student, retiree, employee, civil servant etc.